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Darryl Lee Northup, (Harold 14, Auguste 13, George 12, Benson 11, James 10, Nicholas 9, Rouse 8, Nicholas 7, Stephen 6, Stephen 5, Henry 4, Thomas 3, Thomas 2, Thomas 1).

Darryl Lee Northup was born February 16, 1940 in Port Angeles, Washington, the son of Harold and Della Northup . He Married Berda Lopez of Hayward, California.

Daryll worked as a shingle sawyer in 1985 in Port Angeles. He is now pastoring an Apostolic Faith Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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Darryl Lee Northup Family

Children of Darryl Lee Northup and Berda Lopez

Dwayne Northup
Danaye Northup